Reliance on word of mouth may be an effective marketing tool, but there is still more to exploit to be a modern and renowned tradesman. You need to use new marketing methods like online marketing to attract new customers. For effective online marketing, you need to have tips on the best ways to apply SEO for tradesmen.

In developing a great SEO for tradesmen strategy, there are some irreducible minimums.

Setting up a website

A website is the first thing a customer looks for in a company. A website not only legitimizes a company’s offerings but also sets them apart from a company with similar services. Add important information like;

  • Business name plus address
  • Contact details
  • Important information about your business, e.g., location and working days
  • Qualifications, previous works, and comments from satisfied customers.

Be visible

SEO for tradesmen needs one to be obvious, i.e., ensure you are easily found. Although there are many ways of making sure you are found on search engines, organizing a website and optimizing a website have always stood out.

Getting listed

To support search ranking efforts, get your business or website listed in local online directories. You can also get your business listed in trade-specific directories like, rated, my workman, my, among others.

Utilize social media

All social media platforms are an ideal way of getting to possible customers. According to Screwfix,48 percent of tradesmen win new businesses with the help of social media channels. Utilize the free social media platform to grow your customer base seamlessly. Ensure you provide a link or name of the website wherever you post on social media.

Send out business cards

Small and easy to distribute business cards with the name of your business, industry website, website URL, social media user names, contact details, and a logo have been a breakthrough for many tradesmen. You can send them online or hand them face to face.

Gathering reviews

Local businesses gain customer trust by gathering and sharing positive customer comments; thus it’s good to share reviews about your company online via social media channels and business fliers to build upon your credibility and expand your reach.

Email marketing

For a tradesman with a database of contacts, email marketing is an easy and effective way of attracting customers to your website. When emailing new customers, ensure you have their consent; use this opportunity to show off a good personality and offer special helping deals.

Sign up for google my business

Even though this is a local service, Google my Business is very influential and should be given special attention. Unlike its competitors, GMB presents results in a particular area on the search results page. You only need to fill an application via google where you upload company or business information like opening hours and addresses.

It also helps customers review your business and get overall ratings.

Be helpful

Always ensure you write helpful information on your website, write high-quality details and answer all the questions customers ask. You can provide videos that help customers make better decisions; pay much attention to “how to…?” and “why you…?” videos.

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