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1. Other Terms Applicable

The Terms of Use you are reading are in reference to the terminology below, which is also applicable to your usage of the site:

  • Our website’s Privacy Policy establishes how personal data submitted or collected about you is processed. By using this website, you are consenting to this processing. Also, you confirm that all the information you provided is real.
  • Our website’s Accessibility Policy lets you send messages to us regarding your ability to access this website.
  • Our website’s Cookie Policy goes over the details about the way this website uses cookies.

2. Information About Our Company

Our website (www.success4traders.co.uk) is run by Infinite Trading Limited, t/a Success4Traders (hereby referred to as “We”), a private company that is registered in both Wales and England (specifically under a registration number of 11204892). Our trade address is: Infinite Trading Limited, t/a Success4Traders, Kemp House, 160 City Road, EC1V 2NX

3. Site Accessibility

We don’t offer any guarantees that our website (or the contents it contains) will be uninterrupted or available on a regular basis. Site accessibility is allowed on a short-term basis. We reserve the right to amend, discontinue, withdraw, or suspend any part (if not all) of our website without advanced warning. We are not liable for the unavailability of our site for any reason or period.

It falls upon you to make all the necessary arrangements to access our website.

Further, it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone who uses our website through an internet connection of yours is mindful of our Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use, and that they’re in compliance with them.

4. Property Rights (Intellectual)

We own the licenses and rights of each intellectual property on this website, as well as the content displayed on it. International copyright treaties and laws protect these materials, and all rights associated with them are reserved.

You’re welcome to download and/or print out copies of pages from our website for personal use. You are also welcome to show materials on our website to others in your company, if desired.

You cannot alter digital or tangible copies of materials downloaded or printed out in any capacity. You do not have permission to separate any graphics, audio clips, videos, photos, or illustrations from the text that accompanies it.

You must acknowledge us (as well as any other contributors identified) as authors of this website’s materials.

You cannot use any content or materials on our website for commercial reasons without acquiring a license from a licensor of ours first.

If you copy, download, or print any aspect of our website in violation of the Terms of Use in this document, you will use the right to access our website. In such cases, you are obligated to either destroy or return any material copies that you created.

5. No Information Reliance

The material and content published on our website are offered only for general purposes. They aren’t intended to serve as professional advice to adhere to. You are encouraged to seek professional advice before refraining from or taking any action based on the materials or content on our website.

While we strive to keep information on this website regularly updated, we do not make any guarantees, representations, or warranties – whether implied or expressed – that the materials and contents on this website are updated, accurate, or complete.

6. Our Liability Limitations

Nothing found in this document limits or excludes our liabilities in regards to personal injury or death that come about from negligence on our part; by fraudulent misrepresentation; or other types of liabilities that can’t be limited or excluded by English legalities.

To the fullest extent of the law, we hereby exclude all representations, warranties, conditions, or other relevant terms applicable to our website (or any of its content), whether implied or expressed.

Even with foresight, we are not liable for damages or losses users endure, whether in statutory duty breach, tort (which includes negligence), contract, or in conjunction with/arising because of:

  • an inability or ability to use of our website; or
  • a reliance on (or use of) any content that is published on our website.

Business owners should be mindful that we won’t be liable, especially for the following:

  • any consequential or indirect damage or loss;
  • loss of goodwill, reputation, or business opportunity;
  • loss of expected savings;
  • business interruptions;
  • loss of revenue, business, sales, or profits.

Consumer users should be mindful that our site is provided only for private and domestic use. You hereby agree to refrain from using our website for any business or commercial purposes. We are not liable for involvement any business opportunity loss, business interruption, business loss, or profit loss.

We are not liable for damages or losses of any kind that stem from a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack), virus, or other type of technologically dangerous material that could potentially infect your data, computer programs, computer equipment, or other forms of proprietary materials because of your usage of our website, your downloads of content it contains, or any websites associated with it.

On sections of our website containing links to resources and other websites offered by independent parties, such links are offered for information purposes only. We do not assume responsibility for any content on the websites we link to. These links are not an endorsement of the website they are connected to. We don’t have any say in the content published on these resources or websites, and we are not liable for damages or losses that might come about because of your usage of them. If you choose to visit a website linked from our site, we encourage you to review its Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents to ensure that compliances are adhered to, and to establish how your information may be used by it.

7. Site Contributions

If we offer a feature at any time that lets you contribute opinions (and other forms of information) on our website, it falls upon you to make sure that the information you provide is accurate (where opinions are to be stated) and are to link applicable laws in the United Kingdom (as well as every country that they are seen in). Your contributions cannot contain materials that are defamatory of anyone; contain materials that are inflammatory, hateful, offensive, or obscene; infringe copyrights, trademarks, or the database rights of another individual; promote illegal activities; or falsely suggest that they are representatives of our company.

Such contributions are not in accordance with our standards. You will indemnify us and be held liable to our company for such warranty breaches. Consumer users will be held responsible for damages and/or losses we endure because of a warranty breach.

Whatever you contribute is considered to be non-proprietary and non-confidential. We can and will legally distribute and reveal to independent parties such content, if need be.

We can and will legally reveal who you are to any independent parties who can prove that your contributions violated their rights for intellectual properties or their privacy rights.

We are not liable or responsible for any independent party with regards to the accuracy or content of anything you post (or other users of our website).

We can and will legally take down anything you post on our website.

The opinions that are expressed by users of our website are not representative of our values or views.

8. Viruses

We make no guarantees that our website will be free or safe from viruses or bugs. It falls upon you to configure your computer, software, and platform for the sake of accessing our website. You are encouraged to use software for virus protection.

You are forbidden from misusing our website if you willingly introduce logic bombs, worms, trojans, or other types of materials considered to be technologically harmful or malicious. Do not try to gain unauthorized access of: our website, the servers that store our website, databases, or computers associated with our website. Don’t attack our website by way of a DDoS or similar denial-of-service attack.

If this provision is breached, you will be committing at least one criminal offense as per the 1990 Computer Misuse Act. Such breaches will be reported to the authorities. We will willingly cooperate with law enforcement and tell them your identity. If a breach like this were to occur, you will no longer have permission to access our website, effective immediately.

9. Website Linking

You are welcome to link to any page on our website, assuming that this action is performed in a legal and fair manner, and doesn’t damage it or use it with bad intent.

Refrain from establishing links in ways that are suggestive of a non-existent endorsement, association, or approval from us.

You cannot establish links to our sites on websites that you do not own.

Do not frame our site on other websites. Also, refrain from linking to anything on our site besides our homepage.

We can legally withdraw permission from you to link to our site without any warning.

10. Applicable Laws

Consumers must be mindful that this document’s Terms of Use, along with its formation and subject matter are regulated by English legalities (the Wales and England courts will have jurisdiction, albeit non-exclusive). With that said, if you’re a Northern Ireland resident, you have the option of bringing proceedings to Northern Ireland. If you reside in Scotland, you have the option of bringing proceedings to Scotland.

11. Term Changes

These terms may be revised regularly. We encourage you to review this page occasionally to review any modifications made by us. It falls upon you to be mindful of such changes, as you are bound by them.

12. Site Changes

Our website may be updated occasionally, and the content may be changed without notice. When this happens, website access may be suspended or indefinitely closed. Any of our website’s material may be outdated at any point in time. We aren’t under any obligation to have such materials updated.

We offer no guarantees that our website (or the content published on it) is free from omissions or errors.

13. Contacting Us

You are welcome to send us feedback: kindly get in touch with us if you have any criticisms or comments by email (info@success4traders.co.uk). The information you provide us with will be used to help improve our website’s Terms of Use, as well as assist elderly and disabled users.