Would you like your Checkatrade profile to generate you more work than you can handle?

Checkatrade is growing in popularity year after year after it first came on the scene back in 1999. Currently it attracts a staggering 1.2 million visitors every Month. That’s a lot of people looking to hire trades people.

You’ve done great to be approved to become a Checkatade member, but now you need to ask yourself one very important question:

Have you done everything possible to convert your profile visitors into potential customers?

Remember that there are dozens of other traders in your locality who offer similar services to you and have similar review scores. This means that you could be competing with dozens of other competitors in your local area.

You need to ask yourself another very important question:

Does your Checkatrade profile make a great first impression?

If not, then you surely need Checkatrade profile revamp. Below are two different Checkatrade profiles of two different companies who operate out of the same geographical area. They both offer the same services and have more or less the same feedback.

Here is the first profile which we will name:  Profile A

Here is the second profile which we will name:  Profile B

Out of these two profiles which one do you think people are most likely to make an enquiry with? Of course Profile B because that Checkatrade member has made the effort to create a custom banner showcasing their services and contact information and they have added their logo to their profile.

When it comes to any industry like builders, plumbers, painters or tillers, it’s very important to have a professional and visually appealing online presence. Examples of your online presence are your website and your social media platforms. This includes your Checkatrade profile. You may be the best landscaper in your area, but if your profile looks dull and your written content is full of errors, you will end up losing potential customers to one of your competitors who have made the effort to revamp their profile.

The last thing you want is people assuming that if your Checkatrade profile is of low quality then the quality of your work will be the same.

Of course, having great reviews gets you lots of enquiries but think how many MORE you would have if your profile was improved and looked better than all your competitors in your area.

We have a service that we offer which will transform your Checkatrade profile into a super profile that will convert more visitors into enquiries.

Check out how our Checkatrade REVAMP Package can transform your Checkatrade profile into a sales making machine:

Stand out from your competitors by utilising this prime area of real estate that less than 1% of Checkatrade members are taking advantage of. Our professionally designed banners are visually stunning and advertise your services, your contact info and your accreditations. Our banners are carefully designed to take into account the default ‘white info box’ on the left hand side of the banner.

We will add your logo to your profile so your business looks more professional:

We will write your profile text in such a way that it is easy to read, informative and professional. We will also add links to your website and social media pages so that your Checkatrade visitors can easily navigate to all your other marketing platforms.

We can organise your photo gallery into separate categories with informative descriptions using the photos and videos that you supply us. Or if you like we can take these photos from your social media platforms and website.


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